You Want to See a Miracle?

The day they drilled into my father’s brain, it was warm out. Unable to bear the hospital waiting room, my mother and I strolled along Toronto’s Queen Street, waiting for the hours-long operation to be over. That morning we’d accompanied him to Toronto Western Hospital for his 6 a.m. check-in. We waited while he changed into […]

America’s Lost National Parks: Once a national park, always a national park? Think again. These 10 lost national parks (and monuments) got kicked out of the club. May they rest in peace.

Originally published in Backpacker Magazine America’s 59 national parks and 109 national monuments feature some of the country’s most recognizable landscapes and landmarks. But what of the parks that were quietly decommissioned due to a lack of funding or even vandalism? It’s true—a national park designation isn’t always permanent. We’ve rounded up some of the […]

A Time Machine in the Mojave Desert

UFOs, Howard Hughes, alien architecture, and more! My latest for the Atlantic.   “In fact, the story of George Van Tassel’s Integratron, as the machine is known, is so outlandish, so otherworldly, and so enchanting—encompassing UFOs, electromagnetism, Nikola Tesla, Howard Hughes, Moses, and an alleged German spy—that it’s little wonder the site continues to attract tourists, […]

This Social Publishing Platform Might Be the Key To You Becoming an Award-Winning Writer

“Sixteen months ago, Anna Todd had never published a thing—she was working odd jobs and had never thought about becoming a professional writer. Now, in 2014, Todd has a four-book deal with Simon and Schuster and recently attended the AMAs as a digital influencer—plus Paramount Pictures is planning a movie based on her book. So […]